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Miftah Al-arabiyya


 Primer: Pre A1 (Starter)

This level is considered the most appropriate and comprehensive first step from the beginners stage, so it came in size and design that differs from the rest of the books in the series.

 Number of volumes: 1.

 Learning hours: 60 hours.


Miftah Al-arabiyya

The Beginner Book: A1 Beginner

 This level is the second step of the learning journey, and it consists of two volumes (Reading and Writing) and (Speaking and Listening) that come in a complementary approach within one level, where the student begins to form sentences and link them and write different topics with the application of grammar smoothly, and the vocabulary of these books is gradual and selected  It is one of the most frequently used, and touches the student’s environment, it contains repeated skills enhanced by a variety of exercises that push the student to employ and use them properly.

 As for the dialogues, they are interesting and short, placing the student’s statements in a realistic and vital framework.

 Number of volumes: 2 (Reading and Writing 1) and (Speaking and Listening 1).

 Number of hours: 78 hours



Miftah Al-arabiyya

Higher Intermediate Book: B2 High Intermediate

 This level is the fifth step that complements the tree of language basics, where the student is able to reach a stage in which he writes a long text and opens a full dialogue on a topic, while observing the rules, grammar and morphology in an excellent way. The student’s style is rich and deep. The book contains various rich exercises that give the student mastery with  Using the rule correctly, with an increase in the number of vocabulary and structures, and the student smoothly reaches the spelling rule to write words in different ways, with the ability to describe an image or explain the content of a short video, so the student moves from short sentences to long sentences, and so we see that with this book the student reaches  Excellent command of the Arabic language.

Miftah Al-arabiyya


 The Higher Beginner Book: A2 High Brginner

 This level is the third step in the linguistic methodological construction, as it enhances the student’s learning skills. From here begins control over sentences and structures and put them in their correct context, and understand the text through the general context, as the number of vocabulary increases and the grammatical and morphological rules expand, and the student’s four language skills develop from  Speaking, listening, reading and writing.

 Number of volumes: 2 (Reading and Writing 2) and (Conversation and Listening 2).

 Number of hours: 78 hours


Miftah Al-arabiyya

 Intermediate Book: B1 Intermediate

 This level is considered the fourth step in the way of learning the language, as it contains most of the elements of the language basics tree, as the book expands on all the elements smoothly and begins the stage of tasting the aesthetics of the texts, touching the focus on the common in the language in various models that facilitate their simulation and the application of morphological, grammatical and linguistic rules in them, and this enables  The student’s level of understanding jokes, narrating them, setting text titles, and touching the wonderful artistic images with linguistic flair.

 Number of volumes: 2 (Reading and Writing 3) and (Speaking and Listening 3).

 Number of hours: 78


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