Enrolment Process

If you reach this page, it means you are passionate about learning Arabic! 

To enroll onto one of our courses, you are required to fill out the registration form and make the full advanced payment. 

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What you get by enrolling at ALC

By joining ALC courses, you will become part of the ALC family and enjoy the following:

40 hours of lessons

Introductory courses involves 40 hours of teaching while advanced courses have 46 hours for each course.


Male and Female classes

Most our classes are mixed, but we also offer male only and female only classes subject to demand.
Min number/class: 5 students. 

Flexible Class Times

Classes are held at a convenient time on weekdays and weekend.
If your circumstances change during study, you can request a time change in the next course.

Financial support

ALC believes no one should be denied their right to an education.
We offer bursaries to help students with financial difficulties continue their journey at ALC.

Arabic clinics

At ALC, we run regular Arabic clinics to help enhance students understanding of the course material and answer questions.

Arabic culture

At ALC, we immerse students in the Arabic culture through a range of activities, such as organising outings with students to local Middle Eastern restaurants.

Which level to join?

Prerequisite for Level One

The only prerequisite to joining Level 1 Introductory course is familiarity with the Arabic alphabet such that you can read simple Arabic. If you have no prior knowledge of Arabic, you can join basic reading course to get yourself familiar with the language.


Advanced Levels

Have you studied Arabic before? Contact us and arrange for an assessment. You can also attend a free taster session at one of our current courses.

Need more information?

Please contact us if you have any more questions